Our different LOUVERSYSTEMS can be used in several configurations to meet specific shading and architectural needs. In an overhead situation, the frames can be post mounted, placed on ledgers between walls or attached to structural elements simply coming off the face of a building

Fixed: Our Louver blades can either be end fixed within a frame or can be attached with a bracket system so the louvers extend past the end of the units frame. ‚Äč


Operable: The louvers can either be motorized or hand adjustable. Our proprietary drive system employs a hidden motor and gear box concealed within the frame. This system is extremely robust and elegant with a small aperture where the blade connects into the drive frame. This allows rotational movement of 180 degrees through a controlled arch allowing precise positioning for sun control. Somfy tubular motors are the power source and can be stand alone, linked in groups or integrated into whole house systems. Some systems may use linear actuators and or a tie rod.