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"New terraces off the family rooms create extensive outdoor living areas..with shade and shelter provided by a LouvreTec Motorised Opening Roof"

Trends Rennovation Magazine

Revolutionise the way you create and control your indoor/outdoor environment with LouvreTec’s new generation of Opening Roof systems.

No other sun control product can equal the stylish benefits of an Opening Roof. Decks, verandas, patios, BBQ areas, spa / swimming pool areas and the like are transformed into functional year round usable spaces no matter what the weather.

  • Perfectly ventilated and shady on a hot summers day.
  • Protects both people and property (carpets, furniture) from glare and direct sunlight.
  • Enjoy early morning or winter sun as you choose.
  • Watch the stars at night or sit snug in a rain shower.
  • Design from new, or incorporate into existing buildings.
  • Add value, living space and dramatic architectural effect.
  • All aluminum construction including internal extruded gutter system.
  • Available powder coat or anodised finish.

There are now four distinct opening roof options to choose from:

180_classic.jpg 180_linear.jpg 200_linear.jpg 260_translucent.jpg
180 Classic
180 Linear
200 Linear
260 Translucent

Louver Options

180 Classic Opening Roof

180_classic_opening_roof.jpgWhile retaining the basic shape of our original Opening Roof system the design has been streamlined and a number of upgrades have been made.

  • Spiral Pivot 120v motorised or hand operated.
  • Blades open full 180 degrees.
  • Fully sealed ends with powder coated die cast end caps.
  • Hidden woolpile closing strip eliminating metal to metal contact.

180 Linear Opening Roof

180_linear_opening_roof.jpgThis fresh new Opening Roof design incorporates bold angular lines and sharp cleanly defined edges. Designed to capture and compliment the look of today's modern architecture.

  • All the features of the180 Classic Opening Roof apply to the 180 and 200 Linear Opening Roof.

200 Linear Opening Roof

200_linear_opening_roof.jpgThe Linear style of the 180 roof is extended to 200mm wide by introducing an external "vee" to the underside of the blade.

  • The central vee matches the joins at the blade edge giving a distinctive tongue and groove look.

260 Translucent Opening Roof

260_translucent_opening_roof.jpgThis product is ideal if loss of light is an issue when the roof is closed. UV treated Naturelite translucent panels, in a new "Champagne" color produces a soft filtered light when the roof is in the closed position.

  • The blades are spaced 256mm apart resulting in wide open spaces when the roof is fully open.
  • Our Translucent Opening Roof has also been upgraded to operate using the Spiral Pivot system

How the Opening Roof System Works

Spiral Pivot System


LouvreTec opening roofs are all operated by the stylish, award winning Spiral Pivot System. The beauty of this drive system is that the motor and operating mechanisms are hidden giving clean, aesthetic lines.

Click here to find out more about how the Spiral Pivot System works.

Structural Opening Roof Frames

structural_opening_roof_frames.jpgThere are many design options and material choices available when considering the Opening Roof Structural Frame. Often an existing pergola structure can be easily modified to receive an Opening Roof.

LouvreTec specialises in the design and installation of a wide range of custom made all aluminum post and beam structures. Strong, lightweight and low maintenance, they can be powder coated or anodised to match with or contrast to the Opening Roof.

Types of Frames

  • Timber - convert an existing pergola or fit within a new wooden beam & post frame
  • Aluminum Box - strong, lightweight, maintenance free. Full color options.
  • Steel - steel RHS, SHS, PFC are all suitable. Ideal for cantilevered frames
  • Concrete or Rendered Finish - concrete provides an ideal stable frame. Plastered beams require solid internal fixing & good flashing details

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