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Gates, Screens, Fences



"Louvers feature on the gate...the louvers were chosen to blend in with the architectural concept, adding a strong, contemporary touch"

Trends New Home Magazine

These products were never initially part of our product mix.
Involvement began with architects and owners requesting if we could, for example, manufacture a gate or chimney cowl to match louvers previously installed.

Some of our most spectacular louver installations have been the result!

While every installation is specifically custom made, we have now developed design and manufacturing criteria for these systems.

Do not be limited by what is shown here – we are constantly working with imaginative people looking for that specialised final touch for their project.

Currently there are six products in the LouvreTec Installation range:

Gates Fences & Fence Infills
Operable Balustrades
Chimney Cowls
Pivot Panels Screens

Gates (hinged & sliding)

  • gates.jpgAll sliding and hinged gates can be motorised with full security options. LouvreTec does not undertake gate motorisation but works with a number of reputable specialist companies in this fieldStainless steel butt hinges used on pedestrian gates, custom made stainless steel pivot hinges on vehicle gates.
  • Frames on LouvreTec gates are aluminum box section, corners are “secret welded” then powder coated for a high spec finish.
  • Blades can be anodised or powder coated – frames powder coated only. Metallic silvers are used to match anodised finish.
  • Hinged gates can have raking bottom frame for steep drive ways.
  • For sliding gates, specialised wheels and tracks available depending on gate size, motorised or manually moved.

Types of Louver Gates

hinged_pedestrian.jpg hinged_vehicle.jpg sliding_vehicle.jpg
Hinged Pedestrian Hinged Vehicle Sliding Vehicle
double_hinged_vehicle.jpg hinged_pedestrian_and_vehicle.jpg
Double Hinged
Hinged Vehicle
Hinged Pedestrian
& Vehicle

Fences & Fence Infills

To compliment LouvreTec Hinged and Sliding Gates a range of Fixed and Adjustable Fence and Fence Infills are available.

End Fixed Louvres Between Posts.jpg Bracket Fixed Louvre Fence.jpg FixedAdjustable Balustrades.jpg Spiral Pivot Adjustable Fence.jpg
End Fixed Blades Between Posts Bracket Fixed Louver Fence Kiss Pivot Adjustable Fence Spiral Pivot Adjustable Fence

Types of Fences & Fence Infills

Louvre Fence.JPGEnd Fixed Blades Between Posts

  • Posts can be timber, aluminum, steel, blockwork, hebel, plastered etc.
  • Blades can be any pitch or centres.
  • Frames to sides only or all four sides

Bracket fixed Louver Fence or Infill

  • Posts can be timber, aluminum, steel, blockwork, hebel, plastered etc.
  • Blades continuous at any pitch or centre.

Kiss Pivot Adjustable Fence or Infill

  • Posts can be timber, aluminum, steel, blockwork, hebel, plastered etc.
  • Choice of 70mm, 90mm or 150mm blades.
  • Blades hand adjustable.

Spiral Pivot Adjustable Fence or Infill

  • Posts can be timber, aluminum, steel, blockwork, hebel, plastered etc.
  • Choice of 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm or 300mm blades.
  • Blades hand adjustable or motorised.

Operable Balustrades

Operable louver balustrades offer an interesting and practical alternative to conventional systems. On offer are all the advantages of an operable louver screen, such as sun and wind protection, privacy when needed or open views when required.

  • balustrades 90mm kisspivot2.jpgTo meet compliance the louvers must be installed within an approved balustrade frame of 1metre minimum height.
  • The frame and posts may be of any suitable material - LouvreTec normally uses 1 ½” x 1 ½ or 2” x 2” aluminum box section.
  • The blades must run vertically to prevent any climbing toe holds, and offer an opening of less than 100mm when the louvers are fully open.

Balustrade Options

There are two operable balustrade options:

  1. KISS Pivot Adjustable Balustrade - choice of 70mm or 90mm hand adjustable louver blade.
  2. Spiral Pivot Adjustable Balustrade - choice of 120mm Airfoil hand adjustable or motorised louver blade.

Chimney Cowls

Cowls 120 bracket fixed.jpg Cowls_90_end_fixed.jpg

There are many options available when designing louvered chimney cowls. The actual shape or footprint of the cowl is largely dictated by the chimney itself.

Discuss how to achieve the maximum advantage of the extra venting provided by the louvers with your fire place or wood fire supplier: Determine what size louver blade will be best suited, both aesthetically and functionally.

  • Blades can be End or Bracket Fixed.
  • The cowl support structure can be a combination of aluminum box section, angle or channel.

Pivot Panels

Pivot Panels.jpgPivot panels provide for clear, open and uncluttered deck space. Giving full security when closed, overhead sun protection when open with spectacular effect at all times.

  • Pivoting panel frames are manufactured from heavy walled aluminum box section providing light weight strength.
  • airstays open.jpg
    Panels open
    airstays closed.jpg
    Panels closed
    As there are considerable stresses on a pivoting frame the louvers can only be End Fixed. End Fixed louvers add to the strength and rigidity of the pivot frame by acting as a bracing panel.
  • This combination of strength and rigidity allows for frame sizes of up 8ft wide x 9ft deep to be achieved.
  • The panels are operated in the same manner as opening a station wagon rear door
  • The panels pivot on custom made stainless steel pivot bushes, and are opened and closed by auto lift gas struts
  • For smaller panels (e.g. over windows) the struts completely self support the panel. Larger panels require higher pressure to operate and keep open. In order to maintain a gentle opening and closing action the gas struts are only pressurised sufficiently to enable easy opening and closing.
  • The panels are then held open slightly over 90 degrees by a support rod. A stainless steel tube insert is fitted over the gas strut stroke arm, the support rod is removed and the panel is locked in place. The procedure is reversed for closing.


screens.jpg LouvreTec can supply a wide range of screening and ventilation grilles and louvers. These can range from traditional extruded shapes to more custom designed panels using our architectural louvers.

  • Light, airflow, privacy, screening and security can all be controlled with well designed grilles and louvers.
  • Vermin, bird or insect screening can be incorporated with any of the louver systems.
  • Typical applications are to provide screening to cooling towers, ventilation to plant rooms, car park spaces, basement areas and the like.