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Surface Finishes


LouvreTec’s all aluminum range of opening roofs, sun louvers and shutters are available in three types of finishes.

  1. Powdercoating
  2. Eurocote - Woodgrain Powdercoat Finish
  3. Anodising


powdercoating.jpgPowdercoating is the most readily available and commonly used coating system.

Today’s new generation of UV resistant finishes are available in a wide range of warrantable standard, metallic and pearlescent colors.

Warranties range from 5 years to 15 years depending on the specifications and requirements of the installation.

Powdercoating offers a large color choice, color consistency, protection to the aluminum and easy maintenance. Washing twice yearly with a soft brush and mild detergent is all that is recommended.

Eurocote - Woodgrain Powdercoat Finish

woodgrain.jpgThis unique European designed powder coating system offers a number of fine timber grain finishes.

Offering all the benefits and warranties of top quality powdercoating, these premium wood grain finishes look so like timber it’s not easy to believe it is powdercoating.

The warm mellow textures of fine woodgrain finishes are well suited to all our aluminum louvers and shutters.

Strong durable and maintenance free – throw away the paint and varnish brushes.


anodising.jpgAnodising is a tried and proven electromechanical process that produces a smooth hard wearing oxide coating on the aluminum. Thicker coatings of films offer greater corrosion resistance.

Anodising typically has a deep metallic lustre, the most popular color option being matt natural or silver anodised finish.

It is proven as a very durable finish, of which the lifetime is dependent on the density, thickness and seal quality of the anodic film.

With regular cleaning, typically clean water with a mild detergent, anodised material will retain its original integrity for no less than 10 years.

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