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Operable Louvers

There are two operating systems for LouvreTec Opening Roofs and Sun Louvers - the Spiral Pivot System & the Kiss Pivot system.

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Spiral Pivot System

spiral_logo.pngThe award winning LouvreTec Spiral Pivot is one of the most advanced louver operating systems available.

The spiral pivot can be motorised, automated or simply hand operated over a range of nine louvers ranging from Opening Roofs, Louverline Panels, Airfoils and Maxi Louvers.

Setting the Standard
- Awarded the Gold Medal in the Building Products Category at the NZ Plastic Design Awards 2004


  • No external mechanism - there is no visual operating mechanism anywhere in sight. Looks and durability are greatly enhanced as the spiral pivot mechanism fits within a composite 3” x 2” aluminum box section.
  • robust_for_extreme_locations.jpgRobust for extreme locations - Spiral Pivot systems feature all aluminum extrusions, ½” marine grade s/s hex drive axle and fixings, UV treated selflubricated injection moulded bearings, die cast end caps, protected motors and gear boxes. All that is required is to wash regularly with hose and car brush, and spring clean with warm soapy water.
  • All blades turn through 180 - allows full control in all conditions as and how you want
  • dual_drive_bearings.jpgDual Drive Bearings - by using double sided drive bearing two panels can operate off one motor or gearbox. By combining this with double sided passive bearings an additional one or two panels can also be added. This provides for a clean, slimline, cost effective means of operating multi-panel banks of louvers (subject to panel size).

Pivot System Options


Hand operated

Often operable louver panels are adjusted only infrequently, sometimes access to power can be difficult – there are many reasons and instances where hand operated louvre panelss are all that is required.

Hidden away out of sight in the heart of the pivot frame of every hand operated Spiral Pivot lies a presicion engineered quad gearbox, machined from high grade aluminum alloy.

As some louvers panels are easily accessible and others are not, there is a range of handles and cranks available to suit all applications.

Option 2 - MOTORISED

Motor within the frame
Motor to the top of frame

The choice of 120v Tubular motors is one of the key elements of the Spiral Pivot System.

Of European design the motors are incredibly powerful and compact. This allows great versatility when fitting to the louver frame. Motors can be fitted in several ways.

Wall mounted and remote control units are available and features such as rain, sun and wind sensors can be included.

Motors can be installed by direct wiring (D.W) or using RTS Wireless Technology which eliminates the need for additional wiring to switches and controls.

Click here for more information on Motorisation and Automation using Somfy Motors

Kiss Pivot System

kiss_logo.pngSEALED WITH A KISS


LouvreTec is pleased to introduce a new range of internal and external aluminum louvered shutters.

The louvers are designed around an elegant, simple to operate hand opening pivot system – the KISS Pivot.

The KISS Pivot is designed specifically for use in a new range of three mini and midi louver systems.

The pivot can be installed in stand alone situations for shelter, privacy, protection etc, or as sliding hined or bi-folding shutters.

Ease of operation, innovative design and the choice of three blade sizes enables KISS Pivot louvers to span to unprecedented widths for hand operated shutter louvers.

The louvers are simple and easy to use with double drive arms providing finger tip control. Each blade closes quietly onto a woolpile closing strip and a six point sidelock holds the blades in the open positions and provides security when blades are closed.

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