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Fixed Louvres

There are two methods of fixing LouvreTec Sun Louvres - End Fixed & Bracket Fixed

end_fixed.jpg bracket_fixed.jpg
End Fixed
Bracket Fixed

End Fixed

horizontal_end_fixed.jpg vertical_end_fixed.jpg
Horizontal Panel
Vertical Panel

All LouvreTec Sun Louvers have internal screw fixing ports. This enables the manufacture of panels of End Fixed louvers using a pre-drilled Fixing Channel.

  • The blades are invisibly fixed and can be set to any angle or to any pitch.

  • Blades can sit within or outside of the frame.

  • Used on all Mini, midi, airfoil and maxi sun louvers.

Bracket Fixed

horizontal_bracket_fixed.jpg vertical_bracket_fixed.jpg
Horizontal Panel
Vertical Panel

Bracket Fixing provides for continuous runs of louver blades.

  • Blades can be set to any angle and to any centre.
  • Blades are fixed to an extruded bracket arm (tear drop) and can be set in four configurations.
  • The tear drops are typically fixed to an angle, flat or Tee section – the blades can be vertical or horizontal.
  • Used on all 700mm mini, all midi, airfoil and maxi sun louvers.

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