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Design for the Sun

Shading is a key passive design element in eco-friendly architecture.


This website outlines the comprehensive shading options offered by the LouvreTec range of opening roofs, sun louvers and shutter systems.

The options on offer far exceed the benefits gained by shading alone. Shelter, protection, privacy – the creation of genuine year round usable outdoor spaces are all benefits to be gained.

LouvreTec can now offer modern multi-functional systems suitable for and adaptable to most sun control applications.

custom_design.jpgWe will work with you to optimise individual needs for solar, shelter and privacy design issues in your project. This ensures that our customers can enjoy a well designed final product and comfortable spaces.

The Suns Path

Plan for the sun

When planning external sun control systems it is important to consider:

  • the_suns_path.jpgSeasonal variation
  • The degree of morning sun desirable
  • How to achieve maximum protection when the sun is most intense at mid day
  • The degree of protection required from low late afternoon sun
  • How will it effect the view
  • What will be the effect on natural ventilation
  • Is privacy, either by night or day a consideration
  • Will it fit with and enhance the over all architectural design of the building


The practical application

Good sun control is a cornerstone element of modern eco-friendly architecture. Buildings must be pleasant to live and work in all year round.

shading_practical_application.pngSpiralling energy costs combined with issues of renewable resources underline the need to maximise solar benefits.

Energy costs in heating / cooling buildings designed with little or no thought towards sun control is ongoing and enormous. The “one-off” cost of a well designed louver system will work with zero (fixed blades) or minimal (adjustable blades) ongoing costs every day of the year for the life of the building.

LouvreTec's modern multi-purpose louver systems will not only function efficiently but also enhance any style or period of architecture.

Points to consider

Adjustable Shading

  • adjustable_shading.jpgAdjustable shading is recommended for elevations that receive a combination of high and low angle sun throughout the day. The aim being to exclude summer sun, choose full sun in winter and manipulate sun levels at other times.
  • Adjustable shading is also useful in spring and autumn when heating and cooling needs can vary greatly.

Fixed Shading

  • fixed_shading.jpgWell designed Fixed shading can also offer excellent and economical protection.
  • Blades can be spaced to maximise winter sun allowing passive solar heat, yet still allow protection in summer to minimise heat gains.
  • Louvres to the south elevation tend to be more for shelter than sun protection.